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Hi Ronald,

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: Dear All:

: We have a question regarding our a sealed electronic package. We are using a welded and soldered metal package to ensure no significant moisture ingress during the lifetime of the product. This includes a glass to metal seal. Unfortunately, in our trials, we have found by He leak test that some of the glass seals can crack, so we want to use an epoxy material to seal any possible cracks. We would like some help in estimating the likely diffusion of water vapour through the epoxy, the influence of the adhesion between epoxy and the glass, and the possible effect on the product lifetime.

: Regards,
: Ronald Anderson

In addition the diffusion of solvent and gasoline in polymers and coating materials is of interest. Is there a strong dimensional change of the materials, such as epoxy, polyamide (nylon) and what about the subequent change of mechanical properties?

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