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Established in 2005
"With CheFEM we got rid of arbitrary knock-down factors for the working strain of carbon-based composites in hygrothermal cycling conditions."
Prof. Stephen Tsai - Stanford University

"Fugitive emission and mechanical response of the GRP pipeline joints were handled in a rigorous and efficient manner."
Dr. Stefan Losacker - ExxonMobil

"Before we performed tests for permeability and structural failure on different candidate materials, we used CheFEM to simulate these properties. CheFEM saved us lots of money."
Dr. Neville Dodds - GE Oil & Gas

"CheFEM helped us to quantify the environmental effects on mechanical properties of Graphene based coatings."
Prof. Nikhil Koratkar - RPI (USA)
Oil, gas, nuclear, hydrogen & electrical power, including AECL, Strohm, Huisman, Delphi, Engie, ExxonMobil, FuturePipe, General Electric, Hygro, Mokveld Valves, Pipe Proteq, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Stopaq, Solvay, TWI Global, UFRJ, Wavin   |  Aerospace and windmill companies, including Boeing, Hexcel   |  Solar, Lighting and Displays, including Lexmark, Philips and Videojet   |  Manufacturers of marine and computer electronics, including Seagate   |  Food and Pharma packaging, including Eli Lilly & Company, Tetrapak   |  Biological composite development, including Ecovative   |  Industrial membrane development, including Pure Technologies   |  Companies involved in infrastructure, including BAM, Windesheim University