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Established in 2004
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ir. drs. Sijmon van der Wal

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“Before we performed API tests for emission and structural failure on different candidate materials, we used CheFEM to simulate these properties. CheFEM saved us lots of money.”
Oil & Gas Materials Specialist

"With CheFEM we got rid of arbitrary knock-down factors for the working strain of our composite in hygrothermal loading conditions."
Aerospace Composite Specialist

“In the process of developing a new flexible film, CheFEM helped us to select the appropriate materials in the correct sequence.”
Senior Electronics Engineer

"CheFEM certainly helped us to predict the lifetime of Graphene based Coatings."
Professor Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute (USA)
Oil, gas, nuclear, hydrogen & electrical power, including AECL, Airborne, Delphi, Engie, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Hygro, Huisman Equipment, Mokveld Valves, Pipe Proteq, Shell, Stopaq, Wavin   |  Aerospace and windmill companies, including Boeing, Hexcel   |  Solar, Lighting and Displays, including Lexmark, Philips and Videojet   |  Manufacturers of marine and computer electronics, including Seagate   |  Food and Pharma packaging, including Eli Lilly & Company, Tetrapak   |  Biological composite development, including Ecovative   |  Industrial membrane development, including Pure Technologies   |  Companies involved in infrastructure, including BAM