CheFEM Outputs
■  Permeation & Fugitive Emission
■  Exposed Stiffness & Strength
■  Calibrated Equation of Statse
■  Mixtures & Phase Changes
■  FEM Loads & Constraints
■  Rapid Gas Decompression
■  Chemical-Thermal Spiking
■  Chemically Driven Failure Modes
■  Compatible with Abaqus & Ansys
■  Compliant with ASTM D5885,
    ISO 6179, ASTM D1434, ISO 8308.
Unmatched Significance
CheFEM's Exposure Thermodynamics is based on calibrated Sanchez-Lacombe Equation of State and William-Landel-Ferry (Free Volume) based shift functions. CheFEM Mechanics is built on validated Micro- & Macromechanical routines. On this basis, material's permeation and mechanical response is determined in any condition.
CheFEM License

CheFEM users include DNV GL, Shell, Saudi Aramco, Airborne Oil & Gas, Baker Hughes, Hexcel, Boeing, etc.
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