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Dear Vijay Saharan,

We don't know the exact operational conditions for the HDPE and gasoline, but from a permeation/solubility point of view you should not use gasoline and pure high density polyethylene HDPE up to 100 degrees Celsius while the HDPE will - indeed - get completely dissolved in de Gasoline.

Also during normal conditions (25 degrees Celsius, 1 atmosphere, no heating from the current) the high density polyethylene HDPE will be considerable weakened
by the gasoline, and it will give a considerable flux of gasoline through the high density polyethylene HDPE coating.

Case study: In a wide range of industries, various composite and lining systems are used with the objective to combine good mechanical and chemical resistance properties. Key to a sustainable and - sometimes even - a multi-purpose service life, is chemical resistance and diffusion analysis in an early development stage. The case of gasoline in a HDPE lined / coated Epoxy tank gives a clear insight in our approach. We havemore information available on similar configurations, like hoses, tubes, adhesives, rubbers and elastomers for gasoline based on PA, PVDF, PPS including different kinds and degrees of reinforcements: Click here:Gasoline Diffusion HDPE Epoxy

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: Is it possible for for a wire insulation (0.3 mm to 1 mm in thickness) made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) to get dissolved in regular gasoline upto 100 degree C with and without the presence of passing current thr' the wire ?
: Anyone please help in this matter.
: Thanks.

: Vijay