helium permeation in orings of v0747-75?

Thread by Martin Deehan on 03 Oct 2010 at 20:43:32 
I am trying to find out the permeation rate of Helium through the above oring type (believed from Parker) I understand there may be variations lot to lot but general indications would be helpful.

FYI I am troubleshooting a vacuum leak in an etch chamber.

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    Dear Martin,

    In line with the thermodynamics and diffusion theory, the Helium solubility (S) should be in the order of 1E-2- 1E-3 m3/m3 atm and the diffusivity (D) in the order of 1E-9 - 1E-10 m2/s at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) and 1 atm pressure. This gives for the permeation rate (Pstp=DxS): 1E-11 - 1E-13 [m3/m3 atm] x [m2/s].
    To obtain the permeation rate in mass, multiply this figure by the Helium density at room temperature and 1 atm pressure. Using ideal gas law: Helium 1.6 e2 gram/m3,

    Pmass ~ 1 E-11 - 1 E-13 gram / m x s

    Divide P by O-ring thickness [m] and subsequently multiply by diffusion surface [m2] to obtain the emission in gram /s.

    Measured figures far above the stated figure might be due to viscous flow along the O-ring (a leak) or a fracture/microscopic void in the O-ring. Increase in termperature and pressure, increase the above given permeation rate in mass.

    Hope this helps.

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    Composite Analytica

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      Thank you for the information. Apologies for my slow response but I was on leave.

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