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Posting by wood fitter on April 17, 2008 at 15:59:11.

hi, is it possible to make a one part troweld on slightly flexible adhesive for sticking wood to concrete that can also act as a damp proof membrane (water permeation barrier).
many thanks
wood fitter

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    On June 19, 2008 at 11:12:45 asd posts:
    epoxy make good bonding between wood and concrete

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    On 04/17/2008 Composite Analytica posts: Hi Mark,

    Do you have any experience with a copolymer of epoxy and polyurethane resin?

    This is probably the only product that will have some intrinsic ability of bind with concrete and simultaneously with wood, can be made slightly flexible, and which will have good water permeation properties.

    Little more insight is required in the exact mechanical loading, processing (for curing) and real life conditions (such as humidity and temperature). Please respond to this posting or do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

    With kind regards,

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      On 04/17/2008 mark hinks posts: mechanical loading? it is normal to lay the boards down in the troweld on adhesive with no additional fixing. curing time anything from 20 minutes to 4 hours is usual. real life conditions; temp -20c to +45c,
      all flooring is to be layed in an indoor situation. for many years now we have first put down an epoxy resin damp proof membrane then glued to that. mainly to be on the safe side because of the hygrscopic nature of the materials.
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        On 04/17/2008 Composite Analytica posts: If I understand you well, I do not think the suggested material - an epoxy-polyurethane copolymer, has an equal or better performance for a more reasonable price, at least when you do not have major problems regarding barrier, flexibility and adhesion properties with the current material.

        The epoxy-pu adhesive material is more expensive than bisphenol A epoxy resin.

        The win of the epoxy-pu adhesive will probably be a better adhesion to concrete. So if loss of adhesion is an issue you may have to consider this material.

        Barrier properties are a strong function of the required flexibility of the adhesive. The Dow Company produces a wide range of flexible, rigid and semi-rigid epoxy resins, as far as I know they are sold by a company called Ashland.
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          On 04/17/2008 mark hinks posts: in order to avoid any deep thinking by wood flooring contractors im presuming worse case scenario, moist concrete. do you have any results for both types of adhesives concerning their moisture permeation abilities? USA standard lbs of pressure in 24 hours 1000sq ft and how effectively they adhere to cement screeds with a high moisture content.

          somebody has suggested mgPoh4 with zeolite crystals, its a ceramic cement thats waterproof and adheres to 4000 psi. he is also able to make it flexible, what are the drawbacks to cement based products with wood? it also comes at a good price.
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            On 04/17/2008 Composite Analytica posts: For epoxy based rigid adhesive the water transmission at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, for an epoxy thickness of 3 millimeters, is:

            between 10 and 300 gram per 24 hours and 1000 sq ft.

            For flexible epoxy, this will be between 100 and 3000 gram per 24 hours and 1000 sq ft.

            For polurethane-epoxy this will be higher.

            The claim of 4000 psi needs experimental/scientific back-up.

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              On 04/17/2008 mark hinks posts: thanks, i have emailed several manuacturers to get prices. any idea?
              im looking to buy an initial 1000kg for samples and take it from there.

              the mpoh4 with zeolite crystals looks good, but nobody seems to know about it. is it new technology
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      On 04/17/2008 mark hinks posts: hi, many thanks for your quick reply. I have a very limited technical knowledge. What I am interested in either obtaining a formula or finding someone, or a Company that could produce this for me. I am in construction and a consultant in wooden floor fitting so would be able to test anything that is produced.
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