relining solutions for corroded potable water pipelines  

Posting by kate on April 17, 2008 at 15:51:05.

What are novel lining techniques and materials for relining of a partly corroded pipeline for water transport? What is the expected lifetime of the suggested liner techniques and reinforced/unreinfored plastics?



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    On 04/17/2008 Composite Analytica posts: Hi Kate,

    Two relining options: Cure In Place Pipe Lining and Epoxy Spray Lining, both having a different degree of water barrier, mechanical and service life properties.

    In the first case, a soft polymer liner is impregnated with a glass reinforced polyester laminate, subsequently this is pulled through the damaged pipeline and moulded rigidly in place by water or air pressure.

    In the second case, both resins are applied by a centrifugal spray lining machine. the thickness of the coating is controlled by the resin flow rate and the forward speed of the machine. The resin base and hardener are fed through separate hoses and are combined in a static mixer just behind the spray head. The resin is applied to the prepared internal surface of the pipe, forming a thick coating, preventing water penetration and corrosion.

    Please inform us on your case for further assistance with lining material selection, methodologies (we are currently looking for case histories and studies with this regard).

    Composite Analytica
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      On 04/17/2008 kate posts: What are the lifetime expectations of a glass reinforced resin liner on top of concrete base pipes for drainage and sewage (waste water)? Put differently, what is the enhancement in lined concrete pipes, exposed to water (water diffusion through the lining material, attacking the concrete under the formation of an alkaline aqueous solution.

      What sort of material do you recommend for waste water and potable drinking water pipeline taking diffusion and chemical degradations considerations into account?

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