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Posted by gunter on July 06, 2007 at 21:36:42:

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is glass fibre sizing hydrolysed during service life? what is the relationship between this possible internal chemical degradation of the composite material on the mechanical properties of the composite? is there a direct relation with the reduction of inter laminar shear strength measured by means of mechanical pull/peel tests? can this chemical reaction with simultaneous diffusion/permation in glass fibre epoxy composite materials be modelled from the astm d570 uptake diffusion/chemical reistance experiments? Please assist in this material, chemical, mechanical issue!

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: I am looking for a service life prediction model of a aluminium structure reinforced with an epoxy glass system. We carried out many mechanical ageing tests but are still not sure on appropriate prediction of the mechanical behaviour in a marine environment. The system will be exposed to sea water for at least 50 years. Could you provide any assistance with the appropriate modeling of the mechanics as a function of continuous stress, etc and water exposure?

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