Diffusion of vapor through polymers  

Posted by Michael on January 30, 2004 at 11:39:01:

Nice website...it's exactly what I need...
I'm doing research in application in which a polymer mebrane (eg PP, 2,5mm) seals a hot water tank (--> direct contact of hot water and polyprolyene). The temperature in the tank varies between 40°C and 95°C over one year.

I would like to calculate the diffusion of water out of the tank.
How do you think I could do it?
Any hint is welcome as I don't know much about diffusion. I read your theory part, but couldn't associate it with my application.

In building engineering, the number of diffusion resistance µ is known. Like I found in "Verfahren zur ein- und zweidimensionalen Berechnung des gekoppelten Feuchtetransports in Bauteilen mit einfachen Kennwerten" Dissertation at the university of Stuttgart/Germany by Künzel 1994, it is dependent of the solubility and the system temperature and the relative humidity. But I don't know the exact relationship.

I'm looking forward to reading any comment

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