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Dear Thomas,

The diffusion of Hydrogen (H2) through polyethylene (PE) follows in almost all conditions (except in case of very low temperature and/or higher pressures) the normal Fickian law (Fick's first and second laws).

For example the permeability of hydrogen through High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) is at 1 bar and 296 Kelvin (=23 degrees Celsius):

=2 E-12 [m3 stp H2 /m3 HDPE x bar] x [m2/s]
=2 E-10 [g H2 /m3 HDPE] x [m2/s]

For more support with figures for other Polyethylenes and other temperature and pressure ranges contact us via this form .


Diffusion Polymers

: Hello,
I'm searching information about the diffusion of hydrogen through LDPE and MDPE. Knows somebody the theory or calculations methods, because I'm testing at the moment some pe-pipes about hydrogen diffusion, but need also the theory and calculations about it for my thesis.

: Thanks for your help
: Thomas


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