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Dear Adi,

We would like to recommend you the following book, which will also be very helpful for your diffusion case:

"Mass Transfer in Multicomponent Mixtures"
. J.A. Wesselingh and R. Krishna
2000 / 329 p. + CD-ROM / ISBN 90-407-2071-1 /

Yours sincerely,

: Hello everyone,

: I am looking for a simple way (maybe Fick's first and second law!!)to find diffusion of gases in liquids. I was not very sure how to generalize Fick's law to siut my purpose. I was also wondering if there is a simple way to change the amounts diffused by changing parameters like the density of the liquid etc. Please let me know where to find answers.

: Thank you very much for your help and guidance.

: Best regards,
: Adi

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